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We Help Businesses Keep Their Profits.
Because they make more profit, period. They put a lot of time, money & effort to develop loss prevention strategies that allow them to keep more of their profit. Every business owner knows how hard it can be to acquire new customers and new income. Why not simply keep more of what your are making, or should be making.

Employee theft costs at least between 1/2%-3% of a company's gross sales.

Statistics reveal that near 40% of applications are falsified!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.

One third of all U.S. corporate bankruptcies are directly caused by employee theft.

The American Society of Employers estimates that 20% of every dollar earned by a U.S. company is lost to employee theft.

Employee productivity declines up to 30% when not supervised.

One Slip & Fall lawsuit can ruin acompany.
Loss Prevention Facts
Why do large corporations invest in Loss Prevention?
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Why don't all businesses invest in Loss Prevention?
Because they don't have the resources, or simply do not know how. A small store can't afford full time loss prevention specialist. A store owner can't spend time creating involved programs to save a dollar here or there. They accept their losses as the cost of doing business. We show you that it pays for itself, no matter how small a business you may have.
Why should a small or mid-size company bother with Loss Prevention?
Business owners hate to admit it, but they all lose money from theft, lack of employee production, and lack of employee interest in suceeding. They feel that it reflects poorly on their business skills, their management ability, and on their decisions of who, and how, they hire. They should accept the fact that while all businesses lose profit, it is only a poor manager who accepts it.
What can Beneficial Investigation do for my business?
Our loss prevention experts will provide an analysis of your business to show you how much you are losing, and what may be saved.

We provide a complete loss prevention management system designed for your business, no matter how small or large.

We show methods to aid in the hiring, managing and, when necessary, the firing of employees.

We show you how to dramatically reduce employee and customer theft.

We show you how to dramatically increase employee productivity.

We provide the tools to increase sales through customer service and upselling.

Or, If you only ever have one problem to deal with, we work with businesses as they need us on a case by case basis.
Please call us at 800-222-4012 to fully discuss any business problem.
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