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Claims Investigation
Surveillance can be scheduled by contacting us to discuss the particular situation and objective of each case. The client can determine the scheduling of the surveillance or assign surveillance parameters. We strive to achieve the most cost effective investigation by scheduling surveillance based on a number of factors, including the subject's known activities, weather, the type of residence, previous employment, etc.

Senior management are also Licensed Insurance Adjuster's in the State of Connecticut, so we are well aware of the client's needs. Claimants activities are chronologically detailed with written reports and video evidence. Updates and final reports can also be emailed to the client upon request. Compiled video evidence is provided in both VHS and DVD formats.

Beneficial Investigation provides a variety of claims related services:

Surveillance of Physical Activities with Written Reports & Video Evidence.

Witness Statements

Locate Witnesses

Comprehensive Background Investigations

Asset & Business Searches

Accident Scene Photography

Continuous Stationary Vehicle Video Surveillance

Continuous Stationary Vehicle Video Surveillance involves a vehicle parked to continuously video a subject's residence or business. There are advantages and disadvantages to this service and should be discussed on a case by case basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular case. We take pride in creating an investigative strategy that suits each case based on its merits and work closely with the client to obtain the most cost effective results.

Agents and/or the keeper of the records are available to testify in court, if necessary, and at the client's discretion.

Rest assured that all assignments are handled professionally, expeditiously and with the utmost confidentiality.
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